#109E0+E1, St.C, Sangkat Kraing Angkrang 1, Khan Sen Sok,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia. H/P: (855) 15 976 999/ 11 908 909

2010-2012: Master of Finance, National University of Management
2007-2009: Master of Educational Management, Royal University of Phnom Penh
2002-2005: Bachelor of Finance and Banking, National University of Management
2003-2004: Certified Accountant Technician (CAT), CamEd

2017 New Zealand: School Visit and School Leadership Practice
2017 Malaysia: Global Education for Private School 
2016 USA: School Visit and School Leadership Practice
2016 Canada: School Visit and School Leadership Practice
2015 Japan: Humana Resource Management and Industrial Relation
2015 Australia: School Visit and School Leadership Practice
2015 Singapore: School Visit and School Leadership Practice
2015 Thailand: School Visit and School Leadership Practice
2015 Vietnam: School Visit and School Leadership Practice
2014 Philippines:  ASEAN Summit on Gifted Education 

·      Proficient CEO who has directed and managed up to 32 operation branches, as well as, annual operating budget up to 10 millions.
·      Exceptional problem-solver and decision maker with diverse experience in finance, accounting, and all aspects of office operation, as well as expertise in general accounting, payroll taxes, analysis, management, budgeting, cash management, cost accounting, management reporting, inventory, payroll, accounts receivable and payable, and information systems.
·      Motivated achiever who is nationally recognized for combining program excellence, integrity, and innovation with best practices and disciplined attention to achieving immediate and long-term goals and objectives.
·      Goal-driven performer who has directed organizational assessment and capacity building plans to achieve improved performance benchmarks in funding and audience development while collaborating with cross-functional staff teams, senior managers, board members, community representatives, and consultants.
·      Result-oriented with significant and progressive experience boosting productivity, cutting costs, and fostering efficiency in wide range institution setting; proven track record with both numbers and employees managed.
·      Strong leader/manager of personnel with unsurpassed interpersonal skills and experience managing small and large departments.
·      Experience project-maker who has served as a panelist, site reviewer, and consultant to project team and enthusiastic communicator with proven analytical skills.
·      Computer-literate performer with extensive technical proficiency covering wide rage of applications and platforms, including Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Power Point, Outlook Express, QuickBooks, and Internet & E-mail.

·      Business development planning and operational planning;
·      Cross-functional business management, multi-tasks operation management;
·      Management policies and procedures, business development & marketing;
·      Professional development and training, organizational strategic planning;
·      Project management, problem solving & decision making skill;
·      Educational management and leadership;
·      Financial management & analysis; fixed asset management;
·      Financial plan & budgeting,  financial statement analysis,
·      Accounting information system, internal audit;
·      Administration management, human resource management;
·      Quality management system;

2011-Present: CEO, NTC Group
·      Respect and abide by the community’s vision, mission, goals and all management policies, and guidelines;
·      Initiate, prepare, consolidate, monitor, and evaluate all business operations and development proposals of all academic services and business units and make recommendations to the General Director;
·      Suggest corporate, business and functional strategies to the General Director;
·      Provide market information to all academic services, business units, offices, and other concerned groups;
·      Ensure the best human resources management;
·      Assist the GD in providing general management and leadership in marketing, public relations, business communications and development;
·      Assist the GD in providing directions, and leadership in academic, administration, accounting, and financial management
·      Seek funds, national and international affiliations, business co-operations, joint ventures which benefits to the NTC Group and make recommendation to the General Director;
·      Ensure a good image and public understanding of the NTC Group’s brand name;
·      Provide supervision, directions, goals, objectives, guidance in preparing strategic plans, and other operations plans to subordinates;

2009-2010: Managing Director, Sovannaphumi School
·      Acting as the chief spokesperson of the academic programs, administration, accounting and finance, marketing, human resource and has the responsibility for defining vision, mission, and goals; for setting budget priorities, for recommending the addition and deletion of the academic programs and services of the school; for providing an example leadership, and for creating a good public understanding and image of the school.
·      Initiating, organizing, and leading, monitoring and evaluating the business operations of school related to academic programs, administration, accounting and finance, marketing, and human resource;
·      Providing quality excellences of SPS’s academic programs to students through appropriate researching and training activities with the budget allowance;
·      Leading Principals, Vice Principals to do business analysis, and preparing  and submitting develop and operational plans, educational policies, to the General Director of NTC;
·      Proposing to the General Director of NTC development the intended national and international affiliations;
·      Providing an example educational leadership to all employees in the school;
·      Preparing all functional policies, regulations, and principles.

2006-2008: School Director, Newton Thilay School
·      Directing and supervising academic offices, administration office, accounting and finance office, marketing and communication office, and human resource office.
·      Initiating, organizing, and leading, monitoring and evaluating the business operations of all 34 branches and all 5 technical offices.
·      Providing quality excellences of NTS’s academic programs to students through appropriate researching and training activities with the budget allowance.
·      Leading all academic managers and branch managers to do business analysis, and preparing the strategic and operational plans, and educational policies.
·      Proposing the national and international affiliations and providing an example educational leadership to all employees in the school.
·      Developing and conducting employee training and other capacity building programs by consulting with or requested by human resource officers in compliance with the school’s approved budgets, polices and regulations.
·      Providing relevant polices and guidelines to all branch managers to be able to prepare marketing, communications and business development activities; and monitoring and evaluating.

2002-2005: Director of Finance, Newton Thilay Community
·      Directing and supervising in all aspects of accounting and finance affairs and administration affairs.
·      Establishing accounting and finance policies and procedures based on GAAP standard compliance with internal and external auditing.
·      Providing management and leadership in all aspects of the community’s administrative and financial operations.
·      Preparing financial plan and proposed budgets for all business units of community.
·      Providing day-to-day financial transaction controls to ensure compliance with the approved budget and procedures.
·      Maintaining the community’s custody, construction, and renovation and control all kinds of assets, and funds of the community.
·      Providing proper maintenance and security for the physical assets of the community, and include proper insurance coverage and inventory systems.
·      Preparing financial report of all 47 branches and submits to General Director with accurately and timely.
·      Respond quickly to all requests for information related to budgets and the community’s fiscal situation with timely and accurate data.

1999-2001: Accounting and Finance Manager, Newton Thilay Community  
·      Providing management and leadership in all aspects of the community’s accounting and financial operations.
·      Preparing budget plan and financial projection for all business unit of the whole community.
·      Providing regular and timely financial reports to all business managers in the community and separating financial report for all NTS’s Branches.
·      Exercising fiscal responsibility in management of all allocated resources.
·      Performing banking works such as cash deposit, cash withdrawal, and bank reconciliation.
·      Preparing payroll, stocks, inventory, office supplies, and statistic. 
·      Developing and maintaining chart of accounts by using QuickBooks.
·      Controlling cash receipt and cash payment transactions and accounts receivable and payable.

1997-1998: Deputy Accounting Manager, Cambodia-American Business School  
·      Preparing monthly bookkeeping and financial statement of the school.
·      Controlling petty cash expense and office supplies.
·      Preparing students statistic report for weekly and monthly meeting.
·      Preparing employee payroll.

2016: Practical Tools to Improve Productivity at Workplace, CAMFEBA
2015: Financial Management for Non-Finance People, CAMFEBA
2014: Financial Report for Accountant, CAMFEBA
2013: Advanced Stock Management, CAMFEBA
2012: Practical Purchasing and Inventory Management, CAMFEBA
2011: Basic Bookkeeping and Business Management Skill, M.C.D Trading
2010: Purchasing and Inventory Management Skill, M.C.D Trading
2009: Accounting Management System, Best Co., Ltd 
2009: Problem Solving Skill, NTC Group
2008: School Development Planning, Newton Thilay School
2008: Effective School Leadership, Newton Thilay School
2007: Effective Budgeting Skill, Sovanaphumi University
2006: Accounting Principles and Financial Management, SPU
2004: QuickBooks, Cambodia Student Christian Organization   


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