Tesol Graduation Ceremony

Tesol Graduation Ceremony
BATCH 19-20
Speech by CEO, NTC Group
Date: September 02, 2011
Good Morning:
- Mr. Chea Thilay, General Director of NTC Group
- Management team of NTC Group
- TESOL and Diploma Graduates, Outstanding Students, Champions, and Teachers of the year
- National & International Guests
- Ladies and gentlemen,
Today on behalf of the NTC Group, management team, staff and students of all operations and on my behalf, I have a great honor to express my profound thanks and warmest welcome to the honorable presence of Mr. Chea Thilay, General Director of NTC Group, and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank and warmly welcome national and international guests, TESOL, Diploma Graduates, Students, teachers and ladies and gentlemen.
NTC Group is an institution that is committed to be one of the leading educational communities in Cambodia that is locally and internationally recognized for the formal and non-formal education that are being offered to Cambodians and non-Cambodians, in partnership with the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports in the development of human resources in Cambodia. Now, NTC Group has its own potential human resources of 2,000 employees with more than 30, 000 prospective students.
Sovannaphumi Training Center(STC) is also a service of the NTC Group, which was established in 2004. Since then the center has achieved steady development and become reputation for years to come with more than 2000 trainees in hand.
The Courses under the STC operations including some planned courses are as follows:
1. TESOL Level K, which is trained the trainees to be effective kindergarten teachers;
2. TESOL Level A, which is trained the trainees to be effective language teachers for adult learners;
3. Diploma in English Studies;
4. Diploma in Business Studies;
5. Diploma in English for Foundation Studies;
6. And Technical Writing.
Ladies and gentlemen!
TESOL Training Program is an Intensive Methodology Course of Language Teaching of Sovannaphumi Training Center which is made up of 105 hours of classroom lessons excluding Practicum which is conducted at the near end of each course. The theory application of this course is focusing on FIVE areas as follows:
1. Teaching professionalism,
2. Teaching psychology such as cognitive process, mental phenomena, child development, etc.
3. Teaching concepts,
4. Teaching techniques, and
5. Lesson planning.
Besides the above courses, we are planning to provide more TESOL services (both on-campus and off-campus) relating to the expansion of our TESOL Training Program purposefully to contribute to the strengthening of language teaching career for the betterment and convenience of learners and Sovannaphumi Training Center operations. In this sense, Sovannaphumi Training Center can fully share the teacher education development in Cambodia, which is the front line workforce of the country.
- Honorable Guest!
- Ladies and gentlemen!
Because of these benefits being received by our trainees and students as well as the country as a whole, 20 promotions of TESOL Training Program and 02 promotions of Diploma Program have been successfully run so far. However, observably and truly, without the students and trainees’ regularity, punctuality, and cooperation on all approaches, the Programs of all promotions would not be smooth and prosperous.
What has made STC TESOL Training Program more reputable, It is internally accredited by INTERNATIONAL TESOL ACCREDITED AUTHORITY. That’s why it is very helpful not only to Cambodia but also to some other parts of the world is that STC TESOL Training Program has trained not only Cambodians but also other nationalities who are working on English Teaching Jobs such as Singaporean, Pilipino, English, Malaysian and American trainees all of whom were well disciplined and enthusiastic on cooperation which can help them understand methodology more clearly so that they can upgrade themselves, help Cambodians, and some other parts of the world where they work.
Beloved audience! Because of such quality and ethical achievements, up to today we have trained 2000 trainees of different nationalities as mentioned, 81.5 percent of whom are employed throughout the country; 15.5 percent are busy; and 3 percent missing_ that is, they have changed their address and we have lost contact.
Last but not least, in the connection to this event, I would like to say “congratulation”to outstanding students of Khmer General Education, teachers of the year of NTS and Champions of sports tournaments and art contest in academic
year 2010-2011.
Finally I would like to wish you all new successes from your right efforts. Thank you very much for your attention!


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I love this idea to reinforce and practise using English. I am considering doing volunteer work in my community by teaching ESL and hadn't even slightly thought of using games.

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