Public Speaking Contest, Sovannaphumi School, Mar 27, 2013

Public Speaking Contest
Speech by: Mr. KHIM PHON, CEO of NTC Group
Date: Mar 27, 2013

-          Management team of NTC Group
-          Principals , Teachers, Parents, Public Speaking Committee , Contestants
-          National & International Guests
-          Ladies and gentlemen
It is a great pleasure to be here this morning to speak to all of you and to offer words of encouragement to our contestants in this Public Speaking Contest. I am always happy when I see young people, particularly our students using their talents and abilities in competition and other events representing the best efforts our school.
Sovannaphumi School is one of the leading educational institutions in Cambodia, established in July 2009. At Sovannaphumi School, we aim to provide high standards of education for our students within a supportive learning environment, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in the development of human resources in Cambodia.
Sovannaphumi School provides a comprehensive range of Khmer General Education from kindergarten to grade 12 and General English Program from kindergarten to advanced levels and the school was established academic partnership with other institutions and organizations both locally and internationally recognized.   
-        Honorable Guests!
-        Ladies and gentlemen!
It is important that our curriculum offers the opportunities such as the Public Speaking Contest for students to acquire new learning style that will assist them now and throughout their lives. The purpose of public speaking contest is to improve and advanced the skills associated with good speaking habits and to expand English speaking ability and encourage accurate word usage. It is a fact that students learn more when they enjoy what they are doing and so we must create and innovate in our teaching practices to improve the speaking levels in our schools.
Because of these benefits being received by our students as well as the country as a whole, over 27,000 students have been studying at Sovannaphumi School within 16 campuses nationwide. In the connection to this event, I would like to say “congratulation” to all students and I also wish all the contestants success and hope to see the next Public Speaking Contest soon. You have made the right decision in choosing Sovannaphumi School for furthering your education.

Finally I would like to wish you all new successes from your right efforts.
Thank you very much for your attention!


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