Four Steps to Personal Success - John Gray

Step One: Set your intention - Recognise what you are now and clearly see where you need to go to achieve the right balance of inner and outer success for you. No mater how hard you try, if you are going in the wrong direction, you will never reach where you want to go.

Step Two: Get what you need - Learn how to get what you need to be true to yourself. It is not enougt to say "I want to be me" With an understanding of what you are missing and how to get it, you will begin automatically to experience inner sucess.

Step Three: Get what you want - Realise the importune of strong desires, positive beliefs, and passionate feeling in creating and attracting what you want. Learn who to strengthen the power of your desires by acknowledging and transforming negative feeling and emotions.

Step Four: Remove the blocks to personal success - With this new ability, you will begin to experience that nothing outside yourself is holding you back.


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