Lesson Learnt

Sovannaphumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand 2015
To be the owner of any business, you may not stay aside from your accountabilities, even if you have assigned people, you will still face many problems when those people intend to move out for their own purposes.

In addition, to be the CEO of any company, you could not delegate your decision making authority to the subordinates without any follow-up process or observation, even though the company is applying performance based management or decentralization system.

In conclusion, the owners have to oversee the whole process of the business and must be keen to keep the right people on the bus. In particular, the CEO has to spend a proper time to deal directly with his/her subordinates and making improvement in each operation as much as possible. Besides, he/she has to be ready for staff planning to realize the company goals.

By: Khim Phon


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