The Roles of Educational Leaders

The Roles of Educational Leaders
  • Setting the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the school;
  • Creating an environment within the school that its conducive to teaching and learning;
  • Implementing the school curriculum and being accountable for higher learning outcomes;
  • Developing the school education program and School Improvement Plan;
  • Offering educational programs, projects and services which provide equitable opportunities for all learners in the community;
  • Introducing new and innovative modes of instruction to achieve higher learning outcomes;
  • Administering and managing all personnel, physical and fiscal resources of the school;
  • Recommending the staffing compliment of the school based on its needs;
  • Encouraging staff development;
  • Establishing school and community networking and active participation;
  • Upgrading and expanding competencies of school facilitators, improving and expanding school facilities and providing instructional materials and equipment.


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