Self-Motivation Techniques and Strategies

1. Self-Motivation
• Do it now
• Break up the task into small steps
• Don’t wait for mood or inspiration
• Start action
• Solutions will follow if you try
2. Motivational Strategies
• Find new skills
• Develop & train them
• Get feedback on their performance
• Expand their ability to work
• Rotate their work
3. Motivational Techniques
• Leads them
- Real examples are quicker than advice
- Way to influencing people
• Appeal to benefits
- Can motivate
- Mutual benefits to both of you
• Appeal to emotions
- People act quickly to emotions
- Positive manner
- Sustained by repeated inputs
• Appeal to needs & wants
- Basic needs satisfaction
- Creative expression, recognition & challenges & love
• Appeal to expertise
- Abilities enhance his self-worth
- Put best effort to seek approval


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