How to Get Rich - Donald J. Trump

Summary of How to Get Rich - Donald J. Trump 

  • Introduction 
  1. If you don’t tell people about your success, they probably won’t know about it. 
  2. I don't do it for the money. 
  3. If you've got big dreams and you're looking for a way to make them happen.  
  4. Keep it short, fast, and direct. 
  • Be a General 
  1. I only work with the best. 
  2. Every decision you make is an important one, whether there are twenty thousand people working for you or just one. 
  3. If you are careful when finding employees, management becomes a lot easier.
  4. Finding people who suit your business style and you'll have fewer problems to deal with as time goes on. 
  5. Creative people rarely need to be motivated - they have their own inner drive that refuses to be bored. 
  • Stay Focused 
  1. My lack of attention was killing my business. 
  • Get a Great Assistant 
  1. Surround yourself with people you can trust. 
  2. A great one can make your life a whole lot easier.
  3. You don't have to be beautiful to work for me - just be good at your job. 
  • Remember: The Buck Starts Here 
  1. Don't expect your employees to work harder than you do. 
  2. Growth is an indication of life, so keep your organization moving forward at all time. 
  3. If you can't get excited about what you are doing, how can you expect anyone else to?
  • Every New Hire Is a Gamble 
  1. What I look for in employees is a sense responsibility that goes beyond what is merely sufficient. 
  2. People who take pride in their work are the kind you want to have around. 
  3. You can't expect to be a valuable employee if you don't make yourself valuable. 
  • Ideas are Welcome, but Make Sure You have the Right One
  1. If you run a company make yourself accessible to your employees. If they feel they can bring idea to you, they will. If they feel they can't, they won't.
  2. You might miss out a lot of good ideas, and pretty soon you might be missing a lot of employees.
  • Focus on the Talent Instead of the Tittle 
  1. Why spend time looking outside the organization when you have all the people you need right beside you?
  2. Very often, your resources are greater than you might think. 
  3. People are multifaceted, and it's important to let them function in a way that will allow them to shine.
  • Keep Your Door Open
  1. Graduation from college is a beginning, not an ending. 
  2. Each success is the beginning of the next one. 
  3. Learning is a new beginning we can give ourselves every day. 
  4. A know-it-all is like a closed door. 
  5. The more I learn, the more I realize I don't know. 
  • Ask for Your Raise at the Right Time
  1. The best way to ask for a raise is to wait for the right time.
  2. Money, like comedy, is all about timing. 
  3. Doing what you love will always make you a winner. 
  • Teach Your Children the Value of a Dollar 
  1. If your children see you being careless with money, they will assume it's okay for them to be careless.
  2. If you obviously enjoy going to Las Vegas to gamble, it's likely they'll think this is a good thing and they will follow suit.
  3. Not teaching your kids about money is like not caring whether they eat. 
  4. If they don't learn about money from you, who's going to teach them?
  5. Let them know that having money isn't necessarily a sign of greed, it's an important element for survival.
  • Invest Simply 
  1. To invest only in products you understand, with people you know and you can trust. Sometimes the best investments are the ones you don't make. 
  • The Secrets of Negotiation 
  1. Power is merely the ability to convince people to accept your ideas. 
  2. Know what you are doing, that's where the real power comes from. 
  3. Don't expect people to believe your blarney simply because you are good at delivering it. 
  4. Let them know you're on the same level in some ways.
  5. If you walk into a negotiation and know nothing about the other party, let them talk, listen to their tone, observe their body language, and determine whether they really want to make a deal or just show you how smart they are. 
  6. Research who you are dealing with, how they negotiate, and what they want from you. 


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