Employee Engagement

  1. Personal Grow - Are you giving employees the opportunity for growth? 
  2. Feedback - Do you give frequent, meaningful feedback? 
  3. Recognition - How often do you recognize hard work?
  4. Relationship with Manager - Does the employee get along well with their direct manager?  
  5. Happiness - How happy are your employees at work? 
  6. Wellness - Are employees coming to work energized and well-rested? 
  7. Ambassadorship - How likely is an employee willing to refer someone to work there? 
  8. Satisfaction - How satisfied is the employee with their work environment in general? 
  9. Company Alignment - How well do the personal values of an employee align with the company's value? 
  10. Relationship with Colleagues - Does everyone get along with each other at work? 
Source: www.officevibe.com