Situational Leadership

Knowledge of Situational Leadership is extremely important for all leaders. It focuses on the behavior of the leader in different situations. 
Leadership styles refer to the behavior of an individual who attempts to influence others. The four leadership styles include directing, coaching, supporting, and delegating.
  1. (S1) Directing is a style that has high directive but low supportive behavior. Leaders operating in this quadrant give instructions on how goals are to be achieved and supervise them carefully.
  2. (S2) Coaching is a style that has a high directive and supportive style. A leader involved in this leadership style is involved with subordinates by giving them encouragement and soliciting input.
  3. (S3) Supporting is a style that requires that the leader be high with support and low with directive behaviors when working with subordinates. Leaders allow subordinates to control of decisions but remain available to facilitate problem-solving.
  4. (S4) Delegating is a style that has low support and directive. A leader using this style "gives control to the subordinates and also refrains from intervening with unnecessary social support".


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