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4 Powerful Leadership Traits from: Khim Phon

In case you don’t know… Khim Phon is currently the Chief Executive Officer of NTC Group.   With over 17 years of professional experience, he has been able to adapt quickly and efficiently to his working environment. His exceptional interpersonal skills have enabled him to integrate with his colleagues and customers and develop valuable friendships. Positive and keen to succeed, he picks up skills quickly and applies them successfully. He is an effective communicator who will inspire confidence in his boss. He is a trustworthy, ethical, discreet, and well organized with an attitude of self-motivation, creativity, and initiative to achieve goals. Needless to say, Khim Phon’s years of working experience at NTC Group makes him understand people from different perspectives.  What are the 4 most important leadership traits? Here’s what he said…PHON 1- Patience 2- Honesty 3- Optimism 4- Nurture NUMBER ONE Patience