Skills Required for Top Management

1. Technical Skills (50%): While technical skills are less emphasized at this level, top managers still need a basic understanding of technical aspects to comprehend the operational functions of the organization and make informed decisions.

2. Human Skills (100%): Human skills play a crucial role in top management, constituting 30% of the skill set. Effective communication, team leadership, and relationship-building are essential for top managers to inspire and motivate their teams towards achieving organizational goals.

3. Conceptual Skills (100%): The majority of emphasis, at 60%, is placed on conceptual skills. Top managers must excel in conceptual thinking, strategic planning, and vision development to set the direction for the organization and ensure alignment with its long-term objectives. Conceptual skills are pivotal in shaping the organization's future and fostering innovation and growth.

Source — Leadership: Theory and Practice by Peter G. Northouse