Strategy Formulation within the SWOT Matrix

1. SO Strategies (Strengths-Opportunities): These strategies aim to use the organization's strengths to take advantage of opportunities. For example, a company with strong R&D capabilities (strength) might develop new products to capture emerging market trends (opportunity).

2. WO Strategies (Weaknesses-Opportunities): These strategies seek to improve internal weaknesses by taking advantage of external opportunities. For instance, a business might invest in training for its employees (addressing a weakness) to capitalize on a new technology trend (opportunity).

3. ST Strategies (Strengths-Threats): These strategies use the organization's strengths to minimize or avoid external threats. A company with a strong brand loyalty (strength) might leverage it to fend off new competitors (threat).

4. WT Strategies (Weaknesses-Threats): These are defensive tactics designed to reduce vulnerabilities and avoid threats. For example, a company might divest a struggling division (weakness) that is particularly susceptible to market downturns (threat).