Characteristics of Leadership Traits

1. Self-confident: This individual possesses a strong belief in their own capabilities and self-worth, allowing them to tackle challenges with assurance and determination.

2. Self-assured: Demonstrating a sense of security and poise, this person exudes confidence in various situations, remaining composed and steadfast.

3. Trustworthy: An individual who is considered trustworthy is authentic and reliable, inspiring faith and confidence in others through their consistent actions and integrity.

4. Dependable: Being dependable entails being consistent and reliable, someone others can count on to follow through on commitments and responsibilities without fail.

5. Friendly: A person who is friendly exhibits kindness and warmth towards others, fostering positive relationships and creating a welcoming atmosphere in interactions.

6. Outgoing: Describing someone who is outgoing means they are sociable, talkative, and approachable, making it easy for them to connect with others and engage in conversation.

7. Articulate: An articulate individual communicates effectively with others, expressing thoughts and ideas clearly and persuasively, contributing to productive and meaningful conversations.

8. Perceptive: Possessing perceptiveness indicates a keen ability to discern and understand situations or people accurately, often demonstrating insightful observations and interpretations.

9. Persistent: Persistence is the quality of remaining focused on goals and objectives despite encountering obstacles or challenges, showing determination and resilience in pursuing desired outcomes.

10. Determined: A person who is determined takes a firm stand and acts with certainty, displaying strong willpower and resolve in achieving their ambitions and overcoming hurdles.

11. Conscientious: Being conscientious involves being organized and controlled, paying attention to detail, and demonstrating a high level of diligence in tasks and responsibilities.

12. Diligent: Describing someone as diligent signifies that they are persistent and hardworking, consistently putting in effort and dedication to achieve desired results.

13. Sensitive: Sensitive individuals show tolerance, tact, and sympathy towards others, demonstrating an understanding and consideration of different perspectives and emotions.

14. Empathetic: An empathetic person understands others' feelings and experiences, showing compassion and the ability to connect emotionally with those around them through empathy and understanding.

Source — Leadership: Theory and Practice by Peter G. Northouse