Characteristics of Team Excellence

1. Clear, Elevating Goal: The team must have a compelling and motivating purpose that energizes members towards a collective objective.

2. Results-Driven Structure: The team needs an appropriate structure that enables members to accomplish the team's goals, including clear roles, communication, and performance assessment.

3. Competent Team Members: The team should be composed of members with the necessary technical, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills to function effectively.

4. Unified Commitment: The team should develop a sense of unity and identification, rather than just being a collection of individuals.

5. Collaborative Climate: The team should foster an atmosphere of trust, openness, and willingness to take risks and support each other.

6. Standards of Excellence: Clear norms and expectations for high performance should be established and reinforced.

7. External Support and Recognition: The organization should provide the necessary resources, rewards, and development opportunities to enable the team's success.

8. Principled Leadership: Effective team leadership is essential, involving cognitive, motivational, affective, and coordinating processes to keep the team focused and high-performing.

Source — Leadership: Theory and Practice by Peter G. Northouse