Power vs Influence


- Power is more easily transferable from one person to another, especially when it is tied to a formal position or authority.

- When someone with power leaves a role, that power can often be passed on to their successor, as the new person inherits the same formal authority and resources.

- Power can be delegated or shared with others, as a powerful individual can designate certain powers to subordinates.

- So power has a higher degree of transferability, as it is more directly tied to a position or title.


- Influence, on the other hand, is more personal and harder to directly transfer from one individual to another.

- Influence is built up through one's reputation, relationships, expertise and ability to persuade and inspire.

- This type of influence is harder to simply hand off to someone else. The new person would need to put in the time and effort to develop their own influence.

- While an influential person can try to mentor or empower others, the recipients would still need to cultivate their own influence independently.