Prioritizing Tasks Effectively

1. Urgent and Important (Do): Tasks that require immediate attention and are critical to achieving your goals.

2. Not Urgent but Important (Plan): Tasks that are important for long-term success but do not require immediate action.

3. Urgent but Not Important (Delegate): Tasks that need immediate attention but are not crucial to your long-term goals.

4. Not Urgent and Not Important (Delete): Tasks that are neither urgent nor important and often act as distractions.


1. Urgent and Important (Do)

  • Finish project report (due tomorrow)
  • Respond to urgent client email

2. Not Urgent but Important (Plan)

  • Exercise
  • Work on long-term project
  • Career development course

3. Urgent but Not Important (Delegate)

  • Schedule team meeting (delegate to assistant)
  • Order office supplies

4. Not Urgent and Not Important (Delete)

  • Check social media
  • Watch TV


Sarong Vichet said…
It's such a good lessons to learn as a leader, sir!
Thanks for sharing!